Changelog for 1.0.0

-Revamped System for fighting final boss in Fire or Ice rooms

-Added invincibility while Avdi is telling player to destroy shields in final battle

-Added invincibility momentarily while taking a potion

-Fixed massive bugs related to the War-Torn-Kingdom ending

-Fixed bug where chest in fire dungeon would change colors

-Fixed bug preventing player's house from darkening when sleeping until night

-Fixed bug where you could only bribe a guard if he was facing away from you

-Fixed bug where player would turn invisible after releasing Cyra from prison

-Fixed text bug when talking to Cyra before prison release

-Fixed game-breaking bug preventing defeat of Void Maker in Fire or Ice rooms as final battle

-Fixed bug causing collision between Avdi and Player in first Fire encounter

-Blue and orange smokes outside Fire / Ice puzzle rooms now disappear if the respective boss is dead

-Added clarifying button in fire boulder puzzle to make spike/boulder relationship more clear

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