Changelog for 1.0.2

-Fixed bug which caused player to become transparent after releasing Cyra and talking to her in home

          -If you have a save where you are transparent, simply walk around in the room until you exit it

          -This will fix the transparent issues for the player going forward

          -All new saves will be unaffected by the issue

-Added ability for player to feed raw meat to puppy in marketplace

           -This has no effect except to make player feel better about themselves

-Reset prices for certain things in marketplace

-Fixed bug which allowed player to buy fish for price of raw fish

-Fixed bug which allowed player to buy meat for price of raw meat

-Player can now make profit by buying raw meat / raw fish from the meat vendor

          -Simply buy raw meat, bring it back to player house

          -Start a fire in the fireplace in player house

          -Cook all of the meat

          -Sell the meat to the vendor who buys food from you

          -If sold to vendor before cooking, player receives no profit or loss on the raw meat / raw fish


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Feb 15, 2019

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